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    San Diego Branch (D24)

    7874 Ronson Rd, San Diego, CA 92111

    (858) 279-9981   (858) 292-1722

    Mon-Fri 7am-5pm  
    Branch Manager: Steve Emory


    Steve Emory
    Steve has 42 years of wholesale experience in the HVACR industry. Steve started working for Spence-Frank Co. in St. Louis, Mo. in 1975 as a delivery driver. He worked his way up to counter sales. The company was purchased by other wholesale entities twice in the next twenty years. In that time, Steve opened 2 new branch locations in St. Louis generating new customer bases for both. They are still thriving wholesalers today. In 1998 Steve opened the San Diego branch for ARS. The store grew and prospered for the next 15 years. Steve and his wife Pam decided to uproot the family and move to upstate New York. Steve and his family moved back to sunny San Diego. Steve has now returned to the ARS branch in San Diego.